April 12, 2012

Next time you sit down to put together that awesome
Effie Awards case study video, think of this.

Is it censorship or a case of catering to specific markets?
Differences in TIME covers
around the world have sparked
a debate online.

Most of the time rating items is a singular experience.
Tug of Store, by digital agency OK FOCUS, simplifies
e-commerce ratings by turing it into a real-time game
of tug of war with other users on the site. It’s free,
no sign-up required and is very addictive.

With a quirky simple style and bright color palette,
illustrator Andy Rementer enlivens the pages of the
New York Times and other publications.

This week's FearLess Award goes to GM CEO Dan Akerson

This is It, a collective of London based illustrators, designers,
directors and animators create wild shorts with live action and
stop motion animation.

The French director behind Levi’s Flat Eric character is back
with WRONG, his second feature film about a man whose
search for his lost dog leads him in unexplainable situations.

A Twitter commercial for Smart Car. Zero media cost.
Turns Twitter into a flip book.